Hey! if you are here is because we are going to work together or we are already starting a new exciting professional journey together.

In fast-paced growing companies, onboardings are one of the most important parts of our journey, here’s a one-pager where you can know me a bit better (and faster :P) and how I like to operate.

I’m eager to know more about you, so feel free to send your thoughts back.

See you in the trench ♥️

Product mindset

“We are not the user” as the core mantra.

I firmly believe that a team-based, continuous discovery mindset is essential in thoroughly understanding and catering to the needs of our customers.

This approach enables us to identify and capitalize on product opportunities, thus ensuring that we develop solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations, resulting in a product that customers are willing to pay for.

Leadership Style

My leadership style is based on the principles of influence and collaboration.

I believe that the most effective leaders are those who are able to inspire and guide their team members to reach their full potential. I focus on building trust and open communication within my team, which allows for the free flow of ideas and perspectives. I strive to create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, and where each team member feels a sense of ownership over their work.

I rely on my ability to influence others, rather than solely on my authority, to drive results and achieve success. I believe that by fostering a collaborative and inclusive team culture, we can achieve greater things together.

Management Style


I really enjoy working with others and bouncing ideas off my team. I believe that discussing decisions and options together leads to the best outcomes. I’m open to different perspectives and don’t get stuck on one point of view.

I like to take my time to consider all options before making important decisions. However, if a quick decision is needed, please let me know, and I will prioritize accordingly.

Operating approach






I prefer async communication by default and let sync meetings for urgent and important situations.

Recurring meetings “to be in touch” beyond all-hands or agile rituals tend to steal focus and hijack our calendars, so we will try to keep them as minimum as possible and review the value of the current one from time to time.

Slack is my primary contact channel, so if it’s urgent, make sure to @mention me there. I check my email a few times during the day, it’s a good channel if you want me to check a huge chunk of information in async if you want just to inform me, or just add me as /cc of any topic.

Phone call only when the building/company is on fire. Literally on fire with people dying and all the stuff.

Joking aside, I will never, never, never reach you through personal communication channels like phone calls, WhatsApp or Telegram unless it’s a real emergency and you’re the only person who can help. And I will expect the same in the other way around.